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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why Valentine's Day is so Special & a Free Gift

Welcome to your Special Valentine and Dating Help Blog. To say thank-you for visiting this Site, there is a Free Copy of " 101 Romantic Ideas " written by Michael Webb, for you. Download Now

I would like to help make Valentine's Day a special event for you. It is the intention to remain neutral and without any bias. I am simply here to help you.

Why I decided to set up this Blog is, that for quiet a while I have searched the Web for resources and information about rescueing failing Relationships, Marriages, etc. I have managed to obtain a fair amount of very positive, helpful guidelines and resources.
Why? ....you may ask. The answer is this... A healthy relationship between 2 People in Love is something that I really stand for and firmly beleive in. There is nothing worse than to have the feeling of being alone and without a Partner/ Fiance/Husband/ Wife..whatever applies to you, the Reader.

It is sincerely hoped that the contents of this Blog will help save you a lot of endless searching to find the answers that you may be seeking. All the Advertisers have been selected because of their unique ability to assist you. They are all highly recommended.


The meaning of Valentine's Day

10 Romantic Ideas

Your Free Copy of 101 Romantic Ideas

Why Love is so important

Saving Marriages with Unconditional Love

Aloha....Your Romantic Destination

2 Special Poems Dedicated to the Love Of My Life

A Few Simple Things You Can Do To Rekindle A Relationship

In the near future there will be addtional Articles and Resources added for the benefit of you, the Reader. This Blog shall remain as long there are people in need of help with Relationships

To your success, and a Very Happy Valentines Day.... May you find the Person of your Dreams.


St Valentines Day :A short History overview

Saint Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day falls on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine's cards and candy, often anonymously. It is very common to present flowers on Valentine's Day. The holiday is named after two men, both Christian martyrs named Valentine.

The day became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. The day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines". Modern Valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline and the figure of the winged Cupid.

More about this special day:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentines_day

10 Romantic Ideas for all times

( Article Source "101 Romantic Ideas" by Michael Webb)

A Free Copy for you at the end of the article

1 Have flowers delivered to your partner's workplace. She will not only enjoy the flowers but will also receive comments and attention from her office mates which will add to her enjoyment.

2 Get a piece of paper and some crayons. Draw a bright childlike picture with a smiley sun and two stick figures holding hands. Add labels with your two names pointing to the stick figures. Write "I Love You" inside a heart. Next get a large formal envelope. Place your drawing inside and type up a formal address label of your partner's work such as: For the immediate and urgent attention of: Rebecca Jones Level 20 Collins & Smith Solicitors New York Mail it to your partner so she receives it in the middle of a busy day.

3 If your partner has to work late, take a lunch box and fill it with some of her favorite things such as chocolates, herbal tea, cookies, a small teddy bear. Next, get a piece of paper and write "Michelle's Late Night Survival Pack" Draw a big red cross below this and stick the paper to the top of the box. Tell your partner to open the box when things get really tough.

4 Leave a long stem rose where your partner will find it with a note on it saying: "Thank you for coming into my life."

5 For this idea you will need a portable CD player. If you and your partner have a favorite song, get a copy of it on CD and take it with you when you go away for a romantic weekend. When you are in a romantic spot, ask your partner if she would like to dance. Place one earpiece in her ear and one in your own and enjoy your private dance floor. This technique is particularly effective if the romantic spot you have chosen is somewhere where people would not normally dance, for example, the top of the Empire State building at sunset or on top of a mountain during a camping trip.

6 Go for a walk on the beach. Trace out the shape of a large love heart in the sand. Sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner as you watch the sun go down.

7 Use this idea if your partner is going to work and you are staying at home for some reason (Perhaps you are sick or are working from home). Say goodbye to him / her at the front door and then immediately send an email to his/ her work address. The email should simply say, "Miss you already". The email will be waiting in his /her in-box when he/she does his / her morning email check.

8 For Valentines Day, buy your partner a charm bracelet with at least 14 charms. Remove all the charms and let your partner 'find' one charm each day for the first fourteen days of February. On Valentines Day give her the bracelet and any remaining charms.

9 Organize a mystery trip for you and your partner. Some travel agents will organize mystery packages where the destination of the trip is kept secret until you are actually on the plane or arrive at the destination.

10 Buy a box of chocolates and very carefully open one side of the plastic wrap so that you can gently slide the box out. Open the box and place a love note inside. Then slide the box back into its plastic wrap and reseal it.

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Why Love is so important

By:Deanna Mascle

So often we spend most of our time taking care of our physical needs. We make sure our bodies are fed, cleaned, clothed, exercised and rested. We also make sure intellectual stimulation and entertainment is a priority. Yet we also overlook the most important need -- love.
Of course, as a society, love is not overlooked. Popular media constantly places great emphasis on what we need to do and how we should look to attract "love". But being loved is not as powerful an emotional need as that desire to love someone else.

The need to love and care for others is built into us biologically. This need is what allows parents to forgo sleep, food, and sanity while raising their children. This need is what allows people to put themselves at risk to save others from natural disasters and human threats. This need is what makes human society work on both a small and a large scale.

Loving others allows us to put the needs and desires of others before our own. We will work harder and longer, sometimes at jobs we loathe, to provide for those we love. We will tolerate otherwise intolerable conditions to provide care for our loved ones whether they are young or old.

Love means to cherish, hold dear, and treasure. We do not hurt, harm, or cause pain to those we love; rather, we seek to relieve their suffering. It is not about wanting people; it's about wanting people to be happy. It's not about wanting to possess or control others; it's about wanting to set them free.

John Oxenham described love this way: "Love ever gives. Forgives, outlives. And ever stands with open hands. And while it lives, it gives. For this are love's prerogatives - to give, and give, and give."

Love is the grease that allows the wheel of life to continue turning. For when we love we look beyond ourselves, beyond our needs and desires. We sacrifice our time, our energy, our wishes, and sometimes even ourselves because of love. Sometimes it is for an immediate person or group that we know intimately and love completely, but other times it is for a larger group of people that we don't really know or perhaps even like. It is love that allows law enforcement and emergency services personnel to face danger. It is love that allows soldiers to risk everything.

Love makes heroes every day in every corner of the world. As Thomas ã Kempis said: "Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength... It is therefore able to undertake all things, and it completes many things and warrants them to take effect, where he who does not love would faint and lie down."

The ultimate definition of love is not about feeling good but rather about doing good. A perfect example of love in action is Mother Teresa who worked so long and so hard on the behalf of others. However we see it all around us if we look for it. Robert Louis Stevenson said: "The essence of love is kindness."

Love is important because without it, life has no meaning or purpose. As Frank Tebbets says "A life without love in it is like a heap of ashes upon a deserted hearth, with the fire dead, the laughter stilled and the light extinguished." Love allows us to be more and do more than we could ever accomplish without its power.


As promised, here is a great Article that I have found as result of doing some more ongoing research. It is frightening when one stops and thinks about the general state of Marriages. I just had to include the following Article.. Saving Marriages With Unconditional Love
The chief reason is that I have personally seen families breaking up for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, nobody ever wins, for there is a sense of loss, inner hurt, grief, call it what you like. If only Couples would take the time to communicate with each other. Make time everyday to work on your relationship. No matter how hopeless the situation might be... there is help!

Saving Marriages with Unconditional Love
An Article by Amy Waterman

In the middle of a session the other day I had a powerful realization. I was asked to think of a relationship I had with something in the last week that in my mind was the ideal relationship, and to think of what it was about that relationship that made it ideal.

A number of men in the group thought of their cars, toolsheds, families, workmates, old friends, even relationships with objects such as their television remote, recliner chair, or favorite pair of shoes. To each of these men, these things felt comfortable, and simple. The relationships they had with these people or objects was rewarding and easy to maintain.

When my turn came to identify my ideal relationship, I thought of my dog. My dog has very simple needs, and it is the ultimate ego-boost for me when I get home at night and I am greeted in such an enthusiastic fashion. I don?t know of any others that greet me so enthusiastically night after night. No matter how long I have been away from the house or no matter how my day has been. I call this unconditional love.

So what is unconditional love?Unconditional love is the type of love that comes without conditions. It is the type of love that you have for your partner when the romantic, hollywood-style love is gone. Once the romantic love is gone you make the transition to "real" love. Real love is love you have for your partner despite the knowledge that they are not perfect. You know your partner has faults. You know your partner is not perfect. You know your partner makes mistakes sometimes, but that?s okay. You still love them. This is unconditional love.
The same thing applies to you however in looking at your partner?s faults. You acknowledge that you are the same. You have faults. You are not perfect. You know you make mistakes sometimes, but that?s okay. That?s called self-acceptance, and you expect unconditional love to overcome the faults and imperfections that people have.

So what do you get from this then? Should we all go out and get dogs to teach us something about unconditional love? Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt here. We all clutter our lives with trials and tribulations, and there is the temptation to let our issues rule our lives.But if you are serious about saving your marriage you need to put the clutter to one side and let your unconditional love come through. It is okay to have faults and make mistakes. And love will conquer them all.
Have a think about unconditional love and how you can apply this realization to your relationship.

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Welcome to the Beautiful Hawai'ian Islands........


This Tropical Paradise......the perfect Vacation destination for your Romantic Get-away. Words alone just can't describe the ambience of these Jewels of the North Pacific. Propose to The Love of Your Life..... your Wedding .......Romantic Honeymoon........let Hawai'i be the Picture perfect backdrop.

Take in the Sights and sounds of...Akaka Falls; tallest waterfall on the island. ....Amy B. H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden... East Hawai'i Cultural Center....... Hawai'i Tropical Botanical Garden .....Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park; comprising the active volcanoes Kīlauea and Mauna Loa ......Hulihe'e Palace; a royal palace in Kailua-Kona...... Ka Lae, the southernmost point in the United States...... Manuka State Wayside Park .....Mauna Kea Observatory.....Nani Mau Gardens....... Onizuka Space Center; museum dedicated to the memory of Challenger astronaut Ellison Onizuka .....Pacific Tsunami Museum overlooking Hilo Bay....... Pua Mau Place Arboretum and Botanical Garden......Pu'uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park.... Sadie Seymour Botanical Gardens....University of Hawai'i at Hilo Botanical Gardens.... World Botanical Gardens

The climate of Hawaii is typical for a tropical area, and is regarded as more subtropical than the latitude would suggest, because of the moderating effect of the surrounding ocean. Temperatures and humidity tend to be less extreme, with summer high temperatures seldom reaching above the upper 80s °F, (27 in °C) and winter temperatures (at low elevation) seldom dipping below the mid-60s (16 °C). Snow, although not usually associated with tropics, falls at high elevations on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island in some winter months. Snow only rarely falls on Maui's Haleakala. Mount Waialeale (Wai'ale'ale), on the island of Kauai, is notable for rainfall, having the second highest average annual rainfall on Earth: about 460 inches (38 ft. 4 in., or 11.7 m). Discover more.....

Sit back.... relax......close your eyes.......see the love of your Life strolling on the Golden Hawai'ian Seasands with you...hands gently entwined...as the Warm Sun ever so gently sinks over the distant Pacific Horizon......

Aloha Airlines .....your Perfect Hawai'ian Dream Vacation starts here....

Say Aloha to the Islands of Hawaii!

2 Special Poems Dedicated to The True Love of my Life

The Diamond of Your Life

Written By the Editor a long time ago

After many days of searching, your heart was finally rewarded with the all embracing sight of this Gem of Regal splendour.Such is the happiness of those days leading up to you becoming the lifelong caretaker ofthis Gem.

May this gem be the source of many facets of life to you as She radiates great beauty in each of Her unique facets polished to perfection by The Creator of all beauty.

She is resilient...yet brittle. Treat Her with infinite care. Let Her capture the brilliant Sunshine of True Love from your heart and this precious Queen of all Gems will surely reflect this light in the true brilliance of all the colours of the Universe ............And She will be yours forever.

Last Night

By C.M. Grimm

Last night I watched a teardrop slowly trace its way across your lovely cheek.It hovered a moment at the tip of your nose as if to tease me and make me feel ashamed for hurting you so badly.Finally it broke itself free and came to a rest on your soft pillow to join countless others of its kind that I never knew existed.

A Few Simple Things You Can Do To Rekindle A Relationship

By Glenn Canady

One easy way to bring the excitement back into your relationship is to set up a date night. While you may see each other daily and even go out to dinner every Friday night, setting up a date night outside of your usual schedule will enhance your relationship and give you something to look forward to. Don’t just schedule a night to go out to dinner but treat each of these date nights as if they were first dates and make them special, go buy some sexy lingerie to wear underneath for later!. Go all out getting yourself dressed up and take special care in your appearance. Prepare for your date night as if you were really trying to make a good first impression. Going out of your way to have at least one night of fun and romance a week will help add a little zing to your relationship.

Giving your partner gifts for no reason at all is another way to get your relationship back on track. You may have lavished gifts on your partner early in the relationship but as the relationship progressed you may not have done so as frequently. Small, meaningful gifts given just to make your partner happy will let them know that they are still always on your mind just as they were in the beginning of the relationship.

The simple act of holding hands can also add excitement back into a relationship. This intimate gesture conveys a sense of security but it also lets your partner know that you want to be close to them at all times. Many couples hold hands everywhere they go early in a relationship but don’t do so later on. Try grabbing your partners hand as you are out running errands together. They will be touched by the sentiment and will be happy to be sharing a sense of closeness with you again. Doesn’t it get you when you see an old couple holding hands?

A kiss is still another way to bring the excitement back into your relationship. You may have gotten into the habit of giving your mate a kiss on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips when you see them after a long day of work. Trying kissing them with passion the next time you see them to catch them by surprise and really let you know not only how much you love them but how attractive you find them as well.

Having a common interest can also promote excitement in a relationship. If there is an activity that you both enjoy doing, make it something that the two of you do together often. For example if you both enjoy hiking make plans to go hiking every Saturday morning and each time you go out make it a little different by exploring a new location or setting new goals for yourselves. This will give the two of you a chance to reconnect while enjoying each other’s company. Having a ritualistic activity that you and your partner enjoy together creates closeness and intimacy that can help put the excitement back into your relationship.

Offering your partner a massage when they are worn out and tired can also bring the excitement back to your relationship. A massage can be a very sensual and intimate experience. Additionally offering a massage lets your partner know that you can see that they are stressed out and exhausted. They will appreciate your putting them first in the relationship and this will help bring back the excitement in your relationship.

Over time a relationship may lose some of the excitement that it had in the very beginning. While this may be troublesome it is also completely normal and also reversible. Noticing the lack of excitement in your relationship is the first step to restoring that excitement. It may take a little work but with a few simple actions you can be on your way to an exciting relationship. Don’t forget to make them feel special, sometimes just giving them something nice like a new piece of lingerie can make all the difference.

Gregg Hall is a consultant for online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Find more about sexy lingerie at http://www.lingerie-plus-more.com/Article Submission done by: http://www.articles-submit.com/ Courtesy of:101Articles.com

Article Source: http://www.articles-keyword-rich.com/


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